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It Is National Singles Week!

By Lisa Daily

Ever feel like you're the only single person left on the planet? Well, the good news is, you're not. And this week, it's all about enjoying the very best that single life has to offer, like always holding the remote control, spending as much money on shoes as you want to, or eating ALL of the Super Fudge Chunk right out of the carton.

September 19-25 marks "National Unmarried and Single Americans Week," (formerly known as "National Singles Week") which was started back in the 80s by the Buckeye Singles Council in Ohio to celebrate all that is the single life.

And, just because you're single, doesn't mean you're alone. According to the Census Bureau, there are 95.7 million unmarried and single Americans - 43% of all US residents age 15 and older. There are 52.6 million households maintained by unmarried men and women comprising 48 percent of households nationwide.

Single and Looking?

In case you're wondering about the breakdown, 54% of singles are women, and 46% are men. 63% of singles have never been married, 23% of singles have been divorced and 14% of singles are widowed. Current statistics show there are 86 unmarried men for every 100 married women throughout the US.

Don't fret girls. If you're a single woman looking to fish in a better-stocked pond, head to Alaska, where there are 114 unmarried men for every 100 women, Paradise, NV where there are 118 unmarried men for every 100 women (sounds like Paradise to me), or Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Tempe, AZ, or Sunnyvale or Santa Ana, CA where you'll face the best odds.

Single Parents.

Single parents are superparents - they do it all, and frequently on little sleep, sustained only with leftover juice boxes and used chicken nuggets. There are 12.2 million single parents, comprised of 10 million single mothers moms and 2.2 million single dads.

Shacking Up.

There were 5.5 million unmarried-partner households in 2000 consisting of 4.9 million opposite-sex partners and about 600,000 same sex partners. This is a big jump from just 3.2 million in 1990. Florida boasts the oldest average unmarried cohabitating pairs (39 years -men and 37 years -women) while Patterson, New Jersey claims the largest percentage of opposite-sex, unmarried households (8.1%) overall, while Manchester NH and Rochester NY had the highest rates for large cities (100,000 or more people).

Cities that boasted the highest percentages of same-sex, unmarried partner households are San Francisco, CA (2.7 percent), Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2.1 percent); and Seattle, WA (1.9 percent).

Try to take this week to remember how much single life has to offer, and take every chance to enjoy it. Sleep diagonally on your king-sized bed. Pursue your dream job, book that trip to Tuscany you've always wanted to take, or just boogie around your kitchen wearing nothing but high heels and a feather boa.

It's fabulous to be single. And that's a fact.

© 2004 by Lisa Daily. All rights reserved.

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