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Adding Your Dating-Related Site to Our Directory
Inclusion in our directory is free of charge. However, we do require a reciprocal link and compliance with our website quality and placement requirements.

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  • Install the link and image below on your homepage or links page (1-click from your homepage). NOTE: OUR LINK MUST BE PLACED ON YOUR HOMEPAGE IF OTHER DIRECTORIES ARE DISPLAYED THERE.

    Please be sure to change the url's path to point to the location of the image saved on your server. If you link the image directly from our site, your submission will be ignored. TO SAVE THE IMAGE, right-click on it and select 'SAVE PICTURE AS...' from the pop-up menu and save image AS '123logo.gif'.

    Please also make sure you link to us using the '123 Online Dating' text link as provided below.

    123 Online Dating

  • Please complete the form below carefully
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    Reciprocal Url: (*)
    (*) This is the url of the page where we will find the code provided above to link back to Such page must be either your homepage or a page 1 click away from your homepage. Our robot will periodically visit your site and not finding our link at this url location will result in the removal of your listing from our directory.


    Please type the characters shown in the box below

  • Adding a website's listing to our directory is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

  • We GUARANTEE EQUAL EXPOSURE to all the websites included in our directory by rotating displayed listings for every new visitor who views a page. We do this by using a counter for each listing that tells us how many times a particular listing has been displayed on top/first. The lower the counter is, the higher the listing will appear.

  • We will use your site url to link to you, not a script that hides your url from search engines. Consequently, listing your site in our directory will also help improve your website's LINK POPULARITY with search engines.

  • Each submitted site appears permanently under one category, the most appropriate one, and also under our 'All Sites' category which is arranged in alphabetical order. Newly added sites will also appear under our 'New Sites' category for one week.

Requirements - IMPORTANT

  • Only singles/dating related sites will be accepted. Your website MUST offer a unique service and not simply link to other sites. You MUST be the owner or work for the owner of the website being submitted. We will NOT include or accept websites that redirect visitors to other domains or contain more than 30% affiliate links.

  • No subdomains (Ex. will be accepted.

  • We will NOT include or accept websites that contain or link to adult, pornographic, obscene, sexual, morally objectionable or illegal content.

  • We will NOT include or accept websites that contain the same exact content as previously included sites even if they have a different domain name and design.

  • Our text link MUST be placed on a spidered page on your website, preferably on your HOMEPAGE. If placing our link on your homepage is not possible and NO OTHER DIRECTORY is featured on your homepage, we will accept to be linked from a page which is ONE CLICK AWAY from your homepage. Special placement arrangements can be made with strategic partners.

  • Only one submission per url will be accepted.

We will carefully review all submitted sites individually for compliance with our requirements and reserve the right to reject any site we consider to be inappropriate, unrelated, or with poor content. If accepted, an email confirming your site's inclusion in our directory will be sent. Submissions not complying with all of our requirements WILL BE IGNORED.

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