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Relationship Advice

You are single and your parents are saying you should settle
down already. Your friends are saying you are too picky. Maybe
your co-workers are saying not to worry about it, don't rush
into things.

Or, you are in a relationship with problems, and advice is
pouring in from every direction. Your parents are saying work it
out. Your friends are saying leave and find someone better, etc.

Who do you listen to? Whose advice should you take with a grain
of salt? Whose advice do you discard? Here's a list of
guidelines to help you determine when to take the advice of

1. Always run any advice or ideas past your gut. If it doesn't
feel right or sit well with you, discard it.

2. Do you want advice at all? Maybe what you really want is to
be listened to while you talk about what's on your mind and
figure out your course of action. If that's the case, don't let
people fix you. Ask them to just listen.

3. If you are easily influenced, avoid advice completely. When
you get conflicting advice do you go nuts trying to figure out
which person is right? If so, refuse all advice and figure it
out on your own. Outside advice will just confuse you.

4. Consider the source. When getting advice from others,
consider their life experience because that's what they will be
thinking about when solving your problems. Have they been where
you want to go?

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

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