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Finding a Partner

If you are like most singles who want a relationship, you are probably "beating the bushes" in search of a partner. You may tell your friends you are looking for people to date, place or answer singles ads, search the Internet, and attend social events in hopes of meeting someone. Many singles complain that they hate doing all of these things. They say it's exhausting and takes too much time and energy.

These are not bad strategies and yield results for some, but not for many. Finding a partner is difficult. Can you predict where the right person for you may be at any given time?

Did you know you can find a wonderful partner, a wonderful relationship, without "beating the bushes?" Wouldn't you love to live your life and have the right partner figuratively knock on your door? This can happen and it's called attraction. The key is to become so attractive on the inside that the right partner is literally drawn to you.

Sound far-fetched? Consider the following true examples of attraction:

=> Man and woman meet at a professional school, become friends, enter a relationship and live
happily ever after.

=> Man and woman meet at a party and over time form a loving relationship.

=> Two people meet at work, date and start a loving relationship.

=> Two people meet at a lecture and start a wonderful relationship.

These types of encounters happen every day. Men and women meet their right partners in the course of living their lives. This happens more often when neither one is particularly focused on meeting a partner, and when both have done some self-improvement work.

What's great about these types of connections is that both people are relaxed and being themselves because neither one is particularly focused on having a relationship. And with both having done self-improvement work, the couple takes their time, gets to know one another slowly and has a strong chance of forming a long-lasting relationship.

How do you go about becoming so attractive that your Mr. or Ms. Right is drawn to you?

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Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

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