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The Marriage and Long-Term Relationship Quiz, Part 4

Will you live happily ever after?

To view the entire quiz, please go here.

How strong and long-term is your long-term relationship? Test your capacity for longevity and lasting love as a couple by taking this quiz together.

This is far more than a simple quiz. You can use the areas in which you find weakness in your relationship as points to work on with your partner, ensuring more happiness for more years together.

Print out this week's section of the quiz and take it somewhere you can be undisturbed.

Complete the section by placing a checkmark next to each statement you agree with. Score the section by giving yourself one point for each checkmark. Record your score and add it to all your previous section scores. If you are in a relationship, ask your partner to do the same.

Get back together and compare your scores for this section and the entire quiz. Read the score interpretations below. Use your answers, your scores, and the interpretation as a springboard for discussion.

Use this quiz as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself, or if you are in a relationship, of yourself and your partner. Use those statements that you left unmarked or did not match up with your partner's answers as points to work on.

The Marriage and Long-Term Relationship Quiz, Part 4
Section 10: Courage

I am growing my relationship courage — I take one courageous action in the relationship every day or every week
I am not willing to not take necessary action simply because I am afraid
I am always smart about the courageous actions I take. I never take actions which may endanger my own or other's well being
I speak my mind, although I may be afraid of the consequences
I keep revealing what's inside, even though I may be afraid of the consequences
I keep exploring and changing myself, even though I am afraid my partner will be threatened by the changes
I keep exploring my passionate side, even though I am afraid of looking foolish or of what my partner may think of me
I reveal my feelings, even though they may be negated, dismissed, or disputed
I ask for my needs to get met, even though I run the risk of being rejected
I take courageous steps so that my relationship may be dynamic and vibrant, as opposed to stagnant and dying




Notes and Directions on Interpreting Your Quiz Scores:

If you are single, look up your score interpretation below. Use your quiz score to determine your relationship readiness.

If you are in a relationship and you have both taken the quiz, you should look at the lowest quiz score between you as the final score for your relationship. The old saying, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link," also applies to relationships; a relationship is only as successful as its lowest common level of functioning.

If you are in a relationship and either cannot or will not ask your partner to take the quiz, use the score interpretation one level below your actual score (i.e. if you scored in the 30-60 range, look at 0-30 range, etc.). The reason for this is that your inability to share the quiz with your partner could be revealing of unresolved relationship issues.

Score Interpretation

0-30 Individual Score
Ok, you know you have some work to do on yourself before you can have a long-term relationship that meets your needs and expectations. Where do you start? Get involved in personal development and growth—read, take classes, hire a therapist a coach, take workshops, etc. At the same time, pick a few points from the quiz and master them.

0-30 Couple Score
As a couple you need to invest more time and energy in connecting on a deeper, more meaningful level. You can take two sets of action simultaneously. Each of you can get involved in personal development and growth individually. As you both grow and develop individually, you will naturally bring more depth to your relationship. At the same time, pick a few points from the quiz and master them, together.


31-60 Individual Score
You are certainly capable of having a satisfying relationship that meets some of your needs. If you grow and develop yourself more, you will reap great rewards. Specifically, notice any sections in which you did not agree with most statements. These are the sections to focus on next. It would be most helpful if you could get outside support—a therapist, a coach, a counselor—to work on the sections of your choice.

31-60 Couple Score
You fall into a score range with most couples, which means your relationship works ok most of the time. Unfortunately this also means that your relationship may get less satisfying with time. Individual personal development, as well as working on deepening your true connection, will be your ticket to lasting happiness. Pick a section of the quiz you want to master as a couple, and with some outside support start to build the new behaviors into your relationship.


61-90 Individual Score
With this score, you are more equipped to have a healthy relationship than most people. Yet, there is always room for improvement, because relationships do best in a growth environment with participants who are growth-oriented. What will you work on next? With the help of a therapist, coach, or counselor, work on a few points at a time that you could not agree with. Also, read books and take classes on the subject.

61-90 Couple Score
For a couple this is an excellent score, showing that you have a much better than average change of living happily ever after. The key is to keep growing, together and separately. Make sure you use lots of resources to do this—books, classes, seminars, groups, etc. The other key is to look at any small nagging issues that cause discomfort or distress in your relationship and to address them now.


91-100 Individual Score
If you were brutally honest with yourself as you took the quiz and this is the score you came up with, you are more than able to have a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime. Do you find yourself still single? If so, there may be other personal issues at play that are impacting your ability to attract a mate. Take a look at relationship quizzes here to see if you can figure out what is holding you back.

91-100 Couple Score
If you score in this range as a couple, you have a very good change of making it to a ripe old age happily together. There is no doubt your relationship works well. Keep doing what you are doing, even in times of stress, to keep it vibrant and satisfying. If you would like, share with me how you have built your relationship to withstand the tests of time.

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

(c) Rinatta Paries. Do you know how to attract your ideal mate? Do you know how to build a fulfilling relationship, or how to reinvent yours to meet your needs? Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries can teach you the skills and techniques to attract and sustain long-term, healthy partnerships. Visit where you'll find quizzes, classes, advice and a free weekly ezine. Become a "true love magnet(tm)!"

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