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The Marriage and Long-Term Relationship Quiz

How strong and long-term is your long-term relationship? Test
your capacity for longevity and lasting love as a couple by
taking this quiz together.

This is far more than a simple quiz. You can use the areas in
which you find weakness in your relationship as points to work
on with your partner, ensuring more happiness for more years

Print out this week's sections of the quiz and take them
somewhere you can be undisturbed.

Complete the sections by placing a checkmark next to each
statement you agree with. Score the sections by giving yourself
one point for each checkmark. Record your score for the week and
keep it on hand.

At the end of four weeks -- at which point you will have
receives all 10 sections of the quiz -- combine your scores and
read the quiz score interpretation.

If you are in a relationship, ask your partner to do the same,
then get back together and compare your scores. Use your answers
and your scores as a springboard for discussion.

Use this quiz as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of
yourself, or if you are in a relationship, of yourself and your
partner. Use your unmarked/disagree statements as points to work

The Marriage (and long-term relationship) Quiz
Will You Live Happily Ever After?

Section 1: How You Look at Relationships

___ 1. Conflict between partners is no time to pack up and leave
___ 2. Conflict between partners does not mean you picked the
wrong partner
___ 3. Conflict between partners is not a reflection of whether
or not you are with your soulmate
___ 4. Unrelenting conflict means your need to get outside help
___ 5. Physical and emotional abuse is not a normal part of
couple conflict
___ 6. Conflict between partners is an opportunity to create
more depth and intimacy
___ 7. The best way to deal with conflict is not to wait until
it blows over
___ 8. The best way to deal with conflict is not to have a
knock down, drag out everything fight
___ 9. The best way to deal with conflict is not to stonewall
your partner when an issue is being brought up
___ 10 The best way to deal with conflict is to have a
reasonably calm discussion, making sure to stay on topic


Section 2: How You Deal with Your Negative Feelings

___ 1. I don't hide my negative feelings from myself
___ 2. I don't save up feelings, even when they seem minor,
because then I would blow up when I got full
___ 3. I voice my feelings even when I am afraid of scaring
away my partner
___ 4. I try to discuss feelings when they come up
___ 5. When something goes wrong, I can control my anger
___ 6. I don't take my partner's actions personally. Yes, I am
affected, but bad things are not being done to me on purpose
___ 7. I work on seeing each incident clearly, as possibly
related to, but separate from the past. Situations can turn out
___ 8. When we argue, I never hit below the belt -- I never
purposefully say hurtful words
___ 9. I have a right to my feelings and never have to justify
how I feel
___ 10 I have a responsibility to not use my feelings as
weapons against my partner


Section 3: Being Your Own Person

___ 1. I love myself and could never give myself up completely
for another
___ 2. I am noticing parts of myself I surrendered to the
relationship and reclaiming them
___ 3. I have not given up my passion to be in the relationship
___ 4. I have not given my friends to be in the relationship
___ 5. I have not given my finances and financial security to
be in the relationship
___ 6. I have not given up my self care while in the
___ 7. I have not given up my spirituality while in the
___ 8. I have not been asked to give up on things, activities,
dreams and hopes important to me
___ 9. I have not given up on my self, my self esteem, my
dignity while in the relationship
___ 10. I have gained as a person from the relationship -- more
interests, vitality, more richness, more life, etc.



In the next three weeks you will be receiving the rest of this
quiz. Meanwhile, use these first three sections to begin
exploring your relationship.

Your Relationship Coach,
Rinatta Paries

(c) Rinatta Paries. Do you know how to attract your ideal mate? Do you know how to build a fulfilling relationship, or how to reinvent yours to meet your needs? Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries can teach you the skills and techniques to attract and sustain long-term, healthy partnerships. Visit where you'll find quizzes, classes, advice and a free weekly ezine. Become a "true love magnet(tm)!"

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