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Become a True Love Magnet(TM)

Are you a true love magnet? Do you know how to attract your Mr.
or Ms. Right, how to build a great relationship and make it last?

To find out, take the True Love Magnet(TM) Quiz below.

Discover what beliefs you need to change and what skills you
need to acquire in order to become a "true love magnet" and have
all the love you want.

Instructions for completing the quiz:

1. Place a checkmark by every statement that applies to you.
2. Total the number of statements you checked in each section.
3. Total all sections to get your score.
4. Read the interpretation of your score at the end of the quiz.

The 10 areas you will be working in are:

1. Past Relationship Patterns
2. Letting Go of the Past
3. Your Needs
4. Strong Boundaries
5. Right Mate & Relationship
6. Social Arena
7. New Relationship Patterns
8. Life Vision
9. Faith
10. New Dating Patterns

NOTICE: Copyright Rinatta Paries. Any unauthorized use

Love Magnet(TM) Quiz

1. Past Relationship Patterns
True Statement

__ I have a clearly-written description of what didn't work in
each of my past relationships
__ I have a clearly-written description of what didn't work in
my parents' relationship
__ I have compared the two descriptions above and have
discovered my relationship pattern
__ I have identified the types of partners I tend to attract
__ I have identified my dating behavior patterns
__ I have identified my relationship behavior patterns
__ I understand how I have developed my relationship patterns
__ I have identified ten ways my relationship patterns benefit me
__ I have identified ten ways my relationship patterns cost me
__ I have discovered what I believe about relationships

____ Total number of statements checked

2. Letting Go of the Past
True Statement

__ I am complete with and have forgiven my mother
__ My mother did the best she could
__ I am complete with and have forgiven my father
__ My father did the best he could
__ I am complete with and have forgiven each of my past
relationship partners
__ Each of my past partners did the best he/she could
__ I harbor no hope of reconnecting with past relationship
__ I am complete with and have forgiven the opposite gender
__ I have forgiven and no longer compete with the same gender
__ I am complete with and have forgiven myself for my past
relationship mistakes

____ Total number of statements checked

3. Your Needs
True Statement

__ I recognize that everyone has needs and it is okay to have
__ I recognize that I have needs, and know the importance of
getting those needs met
__ I understand that my needs can't be met by someone I've just
__ I know what my needs are
__ I recognize and know what makes me needy
__ I practice great self-care when I feel needy
__ I consistently take great care of myself
__ I have a system that meets my three main needs automatically
__ I have a spiritual solution for some of my needs
__ I no longer need to be in a relationship in order to meet my

____ Total number of statements checked

4. Strong Boundaries
True Statement

__ I can say "no" and do
__ It's important for me to have boundaries to protect me
__ I know clearly what my boundaries are
__ I do not ignore people who cross my boundaries
__ I have an empowering boundary-setting process
__ I make sure I am heard when setting my boundaries
__ I am being supportive of other people when I set boundaries
__ I am the most important person in my life
__ I gently but effectively educate people about my boundaries
__ I respect and honor others' boundaries

____ Total number of statements checked

5. Right Mate & Relationship
True Statement

__ I have defined the qualities I value above all else in another
__ I have defined what is important to me living day-to-day
with a partner
__ I have identified five relationship needs that absolutely
must be met by a partner
__ I have defined what I need in order to thrive in a
__ I have defined the things that I cannot live without in a
__ I have defined the worst thing(s) a partner could do to me
__ I have defined what I absolutely will not tolerate from a
__ I am not willing to negotiate on the qualities most
important to me
__ I have dropped all demands on another that I don't demand of
__ I am willing to be in the process of growth with a partner

____ Total number of statements checked

6. Social Arena
True Statement

__ I engage only in activities that bring me great pleasure and
__ I no longer engage in activities for the sole hope of
meeting a partner
__ I no longer put on false pretenses; I am myself at all times
__ I never use sexuality, power, or money as a way to attract
__ I don't expect everyone to be attracted to me
__ I no longer require attention from everyone
__ I don't compare myself to others
__ I readily participate in activities rather than sitting at
__ I surround myself with loving, supportive friends
__ I am building a healthy, vibrant, loving community

____ Total number of statements checked

7. New Relationship Patterns
True Statement

__ I can quickly recognize the "wrong" types of partners I
attracted in the past
__ I no longer attract or am attracted to the "wrong" types of
__ I recognize available people
__ I recognize people on a spiritual path
__ I recognize people in the process of growth
__ I recognize kind people
__ I see people for who they are rather than for who I want
them to be
__ I am attracted to partners who will be good for me
__ I surround myself with people who are good for me
__ I have numerous role models for good relationships around me

____ Total number of statements checked

8. Life Vision
True Statement

__ I have a vision of how I want my life to turn out
__ I have ten steps to lead me toward my vision
__ I know what my life purpose is
__ I know what I contribute to others
__ I know the legacy I want to leave behind
__ I know what work makes my soul sing and I am doing it or
working on it
__ I have free, unstructured time
__ I spend time engaged in deeply satisfying activities
__ I know where and how I want to live
__ I am living my life to the fullest

____ Total number of statements checked

9. Faith
True Statement

__ I have a relationship with my Higher Power
__ I have my own spiritual practice
__ I take time for silence and connectedness
__ I am in touch with my intuition
__ I can distinguish intuition from other thoughts and feelings
__ I trust my intuition above all else
__ I am detached from the timing of meeting a mate
__ I know I will attract the right partner into my life at the
right time
__ I trust that as long as I am taking steps, a good
relationship is inevitable
__ I am truly happy and living a full life

____ Total number of statements checked

10. New Dating Patterns
True Statement

__ I am a woman and I allow men to pursue me or I am a man and
am comfortable taking first steps in a relationship
__ I stay away from verbal foreplay early in a relationship
__ I do not engage sexually until I am in a committed
__ I limit my together time in the beginning of a relationship;
I get to know the person slowly
__ I spend much more time courting in-person than I do by phone
or email
__ I am myself at all times in the dating process
__ I am clear about how I want and don't want to be treated,
and I communicate those desires to my partner
__ I see my partner for who he/she is and not for his/her
__ I do not test my partner
__ I have fun in the dating/relationship process

____ Total number of statements checked

_____ Your quiz score (Add the total points for all sections to
determine your score).

Interpreting Your Quiz Score
The closer your score is to 101 points, the more likely you are
to attract a great partner and build a long-term, satisfying
relationship. Think of your unmarked quiz statements as action
points. Work on each one until you can mark a resolute "yes" by

75 to 101 Points
You have the ability to attract your right partner easily. In
fact, you may already be in a relationship and are looking to
improve your relationship skills. On the other hand, you may
feel you are almost there, but just need a little push in the
right direction. Relationship coaching can help you get to your
great relationship faster.

50 to 74 Points
You feel good about the opposite sex and dating?sometimes.
Other times you feel as if something is still holding you back
from having the relationship of your dreams. You believe in love
at first sight and chemistry . You will be able to attract your right
mate more easily after you do some relationship skill-building.

0 to 49 Points
You feel frustrated with dating -- or lack thereof -- and
sometimes think there will never be a relationship for you. You
very much believe in love at first sight and keep looking for

You will be able to attract your right mate more easily after
you delve deeply into relationship skill building.

Relationship coaching can help enhance your ability to attract
your ideal mate and get more love in your relationship.

If you want to enhance your relationship skills and shift your
relationship patterns, work with Relationship Coach Rinatta
Paries. For more information, visit

(c) Rinatta Paries. Do you know how to attract your ideal mate? Do you know how to build a fulfilling relationship, or how to reinvent yours to meet your needs? Relationship Coach Rinatta Paries can teach you the skills and techniques to attract and sustain long-term, healthy partnerships. Visit where you'll find quizzes, classes, advice and a free weekly ezine. Become a "true love magnet(tm)!"

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